Are you a student? Have you graduated? Are you the parent of a student? If you’re a student, you will agree that homework can be annoying. Even if you like doing homework because you know how to, ask the students you know if they love taking homework home. Statistics have shown that more than 70% of students hate homework. There is also a group of people who advocate for a homework ban on elementary levels of education. This article is going to treat the homework ban pros and cons.

Pro: Burnout Rate Will Reduce Among Students

When students have to spend time doing homework after school hours, they might suffer from mental burnout. This will affect their level of productivity the following day. The fewer stress students go through, the more prepared they will be for work the following day and the more effort they will put into their school work.

Con: They Will Not Develop Personal Study Habits

One of the key benefits of homework, according to its advocates, is that it prepares students for life in college and after college. Homework builds study habits because the students work without direct assistance from their school teachers. It also teaches them discipline; an attribute that will come in handy for the rest of their lives.

Pro: Students Will Have More Time To Spend On Social Activities

When there is less homework during a school year, students will be able to spend more time with their parents and friends on other social activities. Students spend between 15 to 17 hours weekly on homework. In a year, this number can add up significantly. This time can be redirected to socializing and building meaningful relationships.

Con: Parents Will Become Less Involved In The Education Of Their Children

When elementary school students get homework, they typically ask their parents for assistance. This allows the parents to become involved in the educational progress of the child. If homework is banned, this opportunity will be eliminated. Parents will have to look for other ways to be involved without using homework as an incentive.

Pro: Students Will Not Face Repetition

Why do students feel relief when the school bell rings for the end of the day or the end of a school year? They feel this way because the educational system is exhausting and most of them only go to school because they do not have a choice. One way to make school more interesting for students is to ban homework.

Con: Disabilities Will Become More Difficult To Identify

Giving children homework makes it easier for parents and teachers to identify learning disabilities early. This is because homework makes it easier for parents and teachers to notice when a student doesn’t fully understand a subject or isn’t progressing as fast as other students. Identifying learning disabilities and getting professional help is a time-sensitive issue.

These are the top six homework ban pros and cons but there are still many other arguments regarding this issue. There are matching agents for and against the ban on homework. Some claim banning homework will make things cheap for parents who don’t need to hire someone to do homework with their kids. Others say it is a necessity.

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