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The Dark Man #5


The Dark Man #5 $7.50
Editor's Welcome by Frank Coffman
When Kull Rode the Range by Fred Blosser
All fled, All done by Rusty Burke
'The Tower of the Elephant': A Modern Fable by Gary Romeo
Escape from Eden: Genesis Subverted in 'The Garden of Fear' by Charles Hoffman
James Allison's Incarnations by Joe Marek
Soldiering for Fortune: Robert E. Howard's Kirby O'Donnell and 'The Treasures of Tartary' by Gary Hoppenstand
Dating 'Wolfshead' by Edward A. Waterman
REVIEW of Ghor Kin-slayer by Fred Blosser
A Previously Unpublished Drawing by REH -- by Glenn Lord
The Cairn -- Letters from Contributors and Reviewers
Lock Box 313 -- Letters from Readers